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A dedicated network that facilitates digital asset transactions within the Geton Startup Ecosystem.

Milan Kozlevcar, 2020.
In the Grossus Blockchain, wallet addresses differ from those in the Ethereum blockchain, as they commence with 'Gx' instead of '0x'. This distinct format is a unique feature of the Grossus network, tailored to facilitate digital asset transactions within the Geton Startup Ecosystem.
Each registered email account is associated with a Gx-address, forming a permanent and exclusive link. These Gx (GROSSUS) addresses serve a similar function to conventional bank account numbers. They comprise a combination of both random numbers and letters, potentially extending to a length of over 26 characters.

Blockchain Transactions Statement Request

Clicking on 'Request Statement' will open a claiming request for your transaction history statement.
Please ensure that you use the correct Gx blockchain address.

Request Statement
Statement will be delivered to your provided e-mail address.

Bridge My Assets

Clicking on 'Bridge My Assets' will open a form where you will need to enter your email address associated with the Gx address, along with the MetaMask wallet address to which the assets will be bridged.
Please ensure that you have control over the specified MetaMask wallet.

Bridge my assets
Assets will be bridged to your provided MetaMask wallet on BSC.

Geton Ecosystem

Grossus Blockchain is a cornerstone of the Geton Ecosystem's evolution, employing a groundbreaking approach by linking e-mail accounts with blockchain-based deterministic wallet addresses.
Unlike randomly generated addresses, which can be hard to remember, Geton Ecosystem has seamlessly integrated e-mail accounts with these blockchain addresses.

Geton Ecosystem
Significant milestones and potential future opportunities.